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Siniard Law and HHF Partner on Special Project

May 17, 2024 Firm News

The Historic Huntsville Foundation (HHF) is launching a new project, “Cornerstones of Freedom: A Heritage Trail of Huntsville’s Reconstruction Era History,” which is a self-guided walking trail highlighting the achievements of African-Americans in the decades following the Civil War.

Our law firm is thrilled to be a partner in this project, providing early funding in the developmental stages. Huntsville has a wealth of history, some of which is still unknown to many residents.  We feel the Cornerstones of Freedom project shines a light on a little-known era of our city’s history.

What is The HHF’s Cornerstones of Freedom Heritage Trail?

The Historic Huntsville Foundation was founded in 1974 with the purpose of preserving Huntsville’s historic structures, landmarks, and sites. Over the decades, HHF’s mission has expanded to providing educational opportunities, advocacy, and, more recently, establishing a museum within Harrison Brothers’ Hardware on the downtown square.

The HHF’s latest project is the Cornerstones of Freedom, which has gained steady momentum thanks to the tireless work of its executive director Donna Castellano.  According to the HHF Press Release:

The Cornerstones Heritage Trail will highlight the stories of Huntsville’s freed men and women whose commitment to education, entrepreneurship and political equality transformed our nation.

The trail will have at least 15 sites, all of which have significant ties to the accomplishments of African-Americans in Huntsville in the years 1865-1900.  The trail is expected to be open in October of 2024.

Siniard Law’s Contributions to the Project

Attorney Bart Siniard serves on the board of directors for the HHF and has a special passion for Huntsville history.  Therefore, Siniard Law provided the early funding for the project.  More recently, the project received a significant grant from the Alabama Humanities Alliance and an award from the Ruth & Lyle Taylor Fund from the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville.

Bart Siniard says:

Siniard Law is thrilled to partner with HHF to help shine the spotlight on the accomplishments of African Americans in Huntsville in the decades following the Civil War. The Historic Huntsville Foundation’s work has always been vital to our city’s culture and this project is no different. We are proud to support their mission of advocating for the preservation of each and every piece of Huntsville’s compelling story.

HHF Project Siniard

Bart Siniard of Siniard Law & Donna Castellano of HHF