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Medical malpractice means the failure of a healthcare provider to meet the “standard of care” which causes harm to the patient. We handle medical malpractice cases throughout north Alabama. Here’s what you need to know about these cases:

The Laws are Tough

We are one of the few firms in north Alabama that litigate medical malpractice cases. Most personal injury lawyers shy away from these types of cases because they are very hard to win. Alabama has the Alabama Medical Liability Act, a set of laws that give special legal protections to health care providers. Due to these laws, only 9% of people who file medical malpractice lawsuits win their case. Here’s a few reasons why medical malpractice cases are so hard to win:

How We Handle Medical Malpractice Cases

We evaluate all of the evidence available, including the relevant medical records. We then consult with an expert witness to see if what occurred was indeed medical malpractice.  If we have an expert willing to testify that the “standard of care” was violated, we move forward with filing a lawsuit. These cases are indeed tough to win, but our personal injury lawyers are willing to take medical malpractice cases the distance.

Common Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

The most common medical malpractice case we handle involves failures of nursing homes. Residents are not provided adequate nutrition and hydration. Many times they develop bedsores because they are not properly rotated in their beds. Elderly residents fall and suffer broken bones or brain injuries.

Other common medical malpractice cases we handle involve medication errors. Medication errors occur more often than you would think. When someone goes without the correct medication or takes the incorrect medication, serious health complications and even wrongful death can occur.

We have also handled malpractice cases against hospitals, physical therapy providers, ambulance services, and pharmacies. All of these entities are “healthcare providers” that have the protections of the Alabama Medical Liability Act.

If you believe you have been a victim of medical malpractice, please reach out for a free case evaluation.