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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are the most devastating injury someone can suffer. If the person survives, the injured person will likely never be the same. Short-term and long-term memory, word recall, and cognition can be affected, and emotional stability may never be the same. The injured person’s personality can be completely different.

Effects of Different Brain Injuries

While the brain can heal, it is difficult for the brain ever to be the same. Subarachnoid hemorrhages, diffuse axonal injuries, and even severe concussions can cause permanent, lifelong consequences. Even a moderate concussion can lead to post-concussive syndrome, which can cause headaches, sensitivity to light, and memory issues.

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Traumatic brain injuries can be caused in different types of accidents. We have handled cases involving TBIs from car accidents18-wheeler accidents, falls at nursing homes, and on the job accidents. While the substantive law may be different in each case, the elements of damages remain the same.

We are seeking to recover the following damages in TBI cases:

  1. Medical Costs
  2. Future Medical Costs
  3. Pain
  4. Future Pain
  5. Mental Anguish
  6. Future Mental Anguish
  7. Loss of income
  8. Loss of earning capacity
  9. Permanent injury
  10. Loss of consortium

Our job is to gather all of the evidence available to show an insurance adjuster and a jury, if necessary, how the traumatic brain injury has affected our client and our client’s family. No amount of money can ever make someone like they were, but it can help the injured person and their family get back on their feet financially.

How We Use Expert Witnesses in TBI Cases

Expert witnesses are crucial in maximizing the amount of money we can get from the insurance company. In past TBI cases, we have hired neurologists, neuropsychologists, vocational experts, economists, and nurse life-care planners to show the exact extent of how our client has suffered and will continue to suffer. It is one thing to tell a jury how bad a TBI can be. It is more powerful to explain it through scientific evidence coming from respected experts.

Let Us Help

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, please reach out for a free case evaluation. Let us get to work on your case with our team of experts to get the most compensation possible.