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Getting hurt on the job is one of the most difficult times for an employee since most people live paycheck to paycheck. It’s even more frustrating when the workers’ compensation insurance company gives you a hard time about getting the proper medical treatment, paying for your missed time from work, and paying a fair amount for a severe injury or permanent disability.

We love helping people get back on their feet – physically, emotionally, and financially. We can ensure you get the medical treatment you need, that you are being paid temporary total disability benefits, and that you get the most compensation possible for any permanent injury.

Alabama Workers’ Compensation Benefits

There are 3 primary workers’ compensation benefits under Alabama law. First, the employer is required to pay for 100% of medical treatment for the work-related injury. This right to medical treatment remains open forever unless you agree to waive that right as part of a settlement.

The second benefit is called temporary total disability. If you are out of work due to a doctor’s order, your employer must pay you 66.6% of your average weekly wage during this time period.

The third benefit is compensation for permanent partial or permanent total disability. The amount of this benefit can vary depending on the severity of the injury and whether you are able to return to work after reaching maximum medical improvement.

How to Know Whether a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Offer is Fair

The amount of your settlement depends on various factors, including your average weekly wage, the “impairment rating” assigned by your doctor, and whether you can return to work making the same amount of money. We usually don’t attempt to reach a settlement until your doctor states that you are at “maximum medical improvement.” This is simply the point in time where the doctor believes that you are back to normal or to your “new normal.” After all, some people are never the same after getting hurt on the job.

The Rules Aren’t Fair

Beware – Alabama’s workers’ compensation laws favor businesses and not injured workers. To make matters worse, workers’ compensation laws are extremely confusing. You need a personal injury lawyer on your side who has the answers.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, please reach out for a free case evaluation.