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Bart Siniard Wins Again at the Supreme Court

January 8, 2023 Firm News

We are excited to announce that partner Bart Siniard achieved another victory at the Supreme Court of Alabama this week!

The case involved the legal theory of tortious interference of a business relationship. At issue was whether the alleged interference was “justified” under Alabama precedent. Fortunately for Bart’s client, the Supreme Court ruled in his favor.  The decision ends a contentious four year legal battle.

Bart Siniard’s Other Appellate Wins

This is Bart Siniard’s third appellate victory and his second before the Supreme Court of Alabama. His previous win at the Supreme Court involved the interpretation of Alabama’s Guest Passenger Statute.  That decision, Hurst v. Sneed, makes it easier for people who are injured while riding as passengers to successfully recover compensation from the driver’s insurance company if the driver was negligent.

In addition to Supreme Court appeals, Bart Siniard has handled appeals to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals and to the Eleventh Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals. The appellate process is time-consuming, as each case requires a 30-40 page written brief. The appellate courts usually take several months to render a decision.

What is an Appeal?

An appeal is when one party to a lawsuit loses and asks a higher court to reverse the lower court’s decision.  An appeal most frequently occurs when a case either goes to trial or is dismissed. If the losing party believes an error was committed by the judge or jury, that party may wish to appeal.

Since most personal injury cases settle, appeals are rare in our line of work. However, it is always important to have a personal injury attorney who can handle the appellate process if it becomes necessary in your case.

If insurance companies know that you have an attorney who is willing to battle for years and never give up, the insurance companies are more prone to offer reasonable settlement amounts at the beginning of the case.

We are proud of Bart and his continued dedication to fighting for his clients’ rights!