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Alabama Car Accident Statistics

May 3, 2024 Personal Injury

The Alabama Department of Transportation has released updated Alabama car accident statistics and some of these numbers will surprise you. Let’s walk through some of the most important statistics and what it means for Alabamians:

Alabama Car Accident Statistics on Odds of Being in a Collision

According to the car accident data fact sheet, Alabamians have a 90% chance of being in a car accident during their lifetime.  There is a 40% chance of being in a car accident with injuries or death. Those are some serious numbers!

Here’s some other Alabama car accident statistics to know:

  • There is a car accident in Alabama every 14 minutes
  • There are more than 144,000 car accidents in Alabama every year
  • There were more than 37,000 car accidents in Alabama resulting in injuries every year
  • There were 907 fatal crashes last year and, in 57% of those deaths, the deceased was not wearing a seatbelt

Alabama Car Accident Statistics on Types of Accidents

Car Accidents can occur in a variety of ways.  Here’s the latest statistics on how car accidents happen in Alabama:

  • 72% of crashes involved two or more vehicles
  • 11.4% of accidents involved a single vehicle
  • 4.3% of accidents involved one vehicle hitting a parked vehicle
  • 2.3% of accidents involving a vehicle hitting an animal
  • 0.4% of accidents involved a pedestrian

Obviously, by far the most type of car accident includes multiple vehicles.  Of those, the most common type of accident involved a rear-end collision.  The second most common was a T-bone type collision due to one driver’s failure to yield at a traffic signal.

What to Do if You Are in Alabama Car Accident

Here’s the steps you need to take after an Alabama car accident:

  1. Call 911
  2. Get witness’s contact information
  3. Seek medical treatment at the ER if you have any pain
  4. Follow up with your family doctor after the ER
  5. Report the wreck to your insurance company
  6. Have a family member report the wreck to the other driver’s insurance company
  7. Get a copy of the accident report
  8. Call a personal injury lawyer located in the geographic region where the wreck occurred.

You can also review our Complete Guide to Car Accident Injury Claims to learn more about the process.  Our lawyers offer free consultations to those injured in Alabama car accidents.  Let us talk with you to see if we can be of assistance during this difficult process.