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5 Things to Know Before Calling a Personal Injury Lawyer

August 3, 2022 Personal Injury

You are thinking about calling a personal injury lawyer. But you are still doing your homework about how the process works. Here are the answers to the five most common questions we get from potential new clients. Here’s what to know before calling a personal injury lawyer:

1) Do I need to pay a consultation fee?

No. Personal injury lawyers do not require a consultation fee. Since personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency fee basis, you do not need to bring a check or credit card. Your lawyer will only be paid a percentage of the settlement or verdict. If there is no settlement or verdict, you will not have to pay the lawyer.

2) What do I bring to the initial consultation?

We request that potential clients bring their
— driver’s license,
— health insurance card,
— any relevant photos,
— and any relevant documents, such as an accident report, hospital discharge summary, and letters from the car insurance companies.

We can get this information later, but having it at your initial consultation will help us get started as soon as possible on your case.

3) Can the lawyer come to my house?

Yes. Our office is based in Huntsville, Alabama, but we routinely meet with potential new clients in cities and towns throughout north Alabama. We can schedule a time to make a house visit because we know transportation can be an issue after being injured.

4) If I don’t hire the lawyer, do I have to pay for his or her time?

No! Even if you end up not wanting to hire that specific lawyer, the lawyer will not charge you for his or her time. Again, personal injury lawyers are paid solely on a contingency fee basis.

5) If I do hire the lawyer, what will I have to sign?

We generally require a new client to sign a contingency fee agreement, an engagement letter defining the scope of our representation, a HIPAA authorization that allows us to obtain your medical information, and forms that give us permission to talk with your health insurance about your claim.

We hope this helped you learn what to know before calling a personal injury lawyer. If you would like to read more about the personal injury process, please visit our FAQs Page