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Attorney Bart Siniard Featured on Podcast “Next Lawyer Up”

May 12, 2023 Firm News

One of our partners, Bart Siniard, was recently featured on the Next Lawyer Up podcast hosted by respected Alabama attorney Ron Sykstus with the law firm of Bond & Botes. Next Lawyer Up has over 100 podcast episodes featuring attorneys across the Southeast. The  podcast is a “show where lawyers talk about lawyering and how they got into law.”

In addition to the practice of law, the podcast touches on news, politics, career building and philanthropy. Notable lawyers from around Alabama have been guests, including former Lt. Governor Bill Baxley, former Lt. Governor and prominent trial lawyer Jere Beasley, and U.S. Senator Doug Jones.

In Bart Siniard’s episode, Ron and Bart discuss why Bart became an attorney, how he balances work and family life, and what drives him in helping injured people in Alabama. To listen to the podcast episode to learn more about Bart, click here.

Our senior partner, Tommy Siniard, was featured on the podcast’s third episode several years ago.  To listen to Tommy’s episode, click here.