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The attorneys at Siniard Law have settled hundreds of injury and death cases against Huntsville nursing homes. The majority of those cases were against nursing homes in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our Experience with Cases Against Nursing. Homes

We consider ourselves to be highly qualified to handle any case involving an injury or a death caused by a nursing home. Attorney Tommy Siniard has handled the most nursing home abuse and neglect cases of any attorney in all of north Alabama. Attorney Bart Siniard trained at the American Association for Justice headquarters about how to pursue these cases.

Huntsville Nursing Home Injuries and Deaths

Nursing Home Injuries and Deaths are often preventable. Yet nursing homes in Huntsville and throughout the nation routinely fail to provide good nursing care. We do not believe that Huntsville has bad nurses. To the contrary, Huntsville-area nurses are wonderful people who give their best efforts. However, nursing home corporations put those nurses in a tough position by not providing enough manpower to take care of numerous residents. When you have a nursing home with 100+ patients and only a handful of nursing home workers, it is a recipe for disaster.

Learn About What To Do If You Suspect Abuse or Neglect

Our firm believes in educating our clients about the nursing home litigation process. For that reason, we wrote a Complete Guide to Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect that fully outlines everything you should know. It is a 15 minute read, but it’s worth the time if you are thinking about taking legal action against a nursing home.

We Are With You

Nursing homes hire premier defense firms, so you need an attorney who has a wealth of experience on your side. We have litigation strategies and a team of expert witnesses that put our clients in the best legal position at every step of the case.

We take these types of cases seriously. If you need a Huntsville Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect attorney, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.