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Huntsville, Alabama is where our office is located. It is also our home. Attorney Tommy Siniard has lived in Huntsville since 1980. Attorney Bart Siniard has lived in Huntsville his entire life. We have handled thousands of car wreck injury cases in Huntsville. We are Huntsville car accident lawyers.

Huntsville Wrecks Steadily Increasing

Due to the booming population, the number of car wrecks increases each year. Huntsville is home to some of the most dangerous intersections in north Alabama, notably the intersection of University Drive and Jordan Lane. In addition, Interstate 565 and Memorial Parkway at rush hour can be especially dangerous. Stop-and-go traffic during morning and evening commutes often leads to rear-end collisions.

Huntsville Police Car Accident Reports

If there is a wreck in Huntsville, it is likely theĀ Huntsville Police Department will investigate the car accident. Their central office is at 815 Wheeler Avenue close to downtown Huntsville. The accident report can be obtained there or you can get it at the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s crash report website.

We Know How to Handle Huntsville Car Accident Cases

We have handled over 3,000 cases involving Huntsville car accidents. We are familiar with Huntsville streets, but we are also familiar with the court system in Huntsville. Local knowledge is important because if a settlement cannot be reached in your claim, a lawsuit would be filed in the Madison County court system.

The Madison County Court System

The Madison County court system is located at the Madison County Courthouse n downtown Huntsville. The Circuit Court judges decide cases involving disputes that are in excess of $20,000. District Court judges decide cases involving disputes that involve less than $20,000. In most cases, we will be filing your case in Circuit Court because most personal injury claims involve damages in excess of $20,000.

Jurors in Madison County are incredibly smart. This should be no surprise given the amount of scientists and engineers that live in Huntsville. Madison County jurors study the evidence and deliver verdicts they believe are fair and just.

Huntsville Is Our Home

We are happy to call Huntsville our home. All of our attorneys and support staff live, work, and play in Madison County, Alabama. We believe we are the best personal injury lawyers suited to handle Huntsville car accident cases.