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Dog bite injuries are extremely painful and in many cases, lead to permanent scarring. A dog owner is liable for your injuries if the dog had dangerous propensities that the owner was aware of or should have known. The dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance is usually who will be responsible for paying for your medical bills, pain, and permanent scarring.

Our Experience with Dog Bite Cases

We have handled over 100 dog bite cases, the majority of which involved children. Most children do not realize they shouldn’t pet a neighbor’s dog or don’t realize that an escaped dog could hurt them. Many of those dog bites lead to scarring, which requires plastic surgery. In one dog bite case involving a child, we were able to recover $565,000 to help with medical bills and future plastic surgery.

How We Handle Dog Bite Injury Cases

We investigate the case first. We want to know the breed of the dog, search prior records for prior attacks by the dog, obtain the dog’s veterinarian records, and gather information from animal control and any other law enforcement agency. Our personal injury lawyers piece together the picture to show that the dog was dangerous and that the owner knew it or should have known it.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a dog bite incident, please reach out for a free case evaluation.